What is Divorce Mediation?

The great news is that you can choose to work with a mediator and settle your divorce out of court and for a fraction of a cost and much faster compared to a litigated divorce. Denisa Tova, CFP, CDFA, experienced mediator explains what is divorce mediation:

How does mediation work?

You both work with a trained mediator who is a completely neutral party to help you reach mutually acceptable agreements related to your finances and parenting issues. As a mediator I have several roles:

  • Making sure that the process is fully transparent. As a mediator with financial background, I verify that all finances have been disclosed to both of you.
  • Help your conversation to be constructive and forward looking if you get stuck in emotional history.
  • Ensure that the process is balanced. While I maintain my neutrality I also want to make sure that I both of you fully understand the finances.

Why should you consider mediation? Aside from the fact that it is a lot less costly

  • Mediation is a civilized, an adult approach to divorce. After all, which is the better message to send to your children? “I won in court,” or “Mom and Dad worked this out”?
  • You have a much greater stake in a mediated outcome. You both have ownership in it and therefore will more likely honor it.
  • Mediation supports healthy co-parenting and it takes a long-term view and the financial well-being of everyone involved – including the children.

Mediation Saves Time

Hiring a Divorce Mediator is one of the best ways to save time across the overall process. Typically with just a few sessions, an accomplished mediator can help couples come to an agreement, and bypass all of the time associated with the back and forth of the lawyers and courts. And what’s better than saving time?

Mediation Saves Money

An experienced Divorce Mediator can save both parties many thousands of dollars. Instead of each spouse having to pay attorney and legal fees that average over $15,000 per person, it’s possible to keep most of your money by choosing mediation. Who would you rather have your money… you, or the attorneys?

Added Benefit with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

CDFA® is someone who comes from a financial planning, accounting or legal background and goes through an intensive training program to become skilled in analyzing and providing expertise related to the financial issues of divorce. Bottom line: a CDFA is your best bet for navigating divorce and coming out the other side with a healthy financial plan.

Is Divorce Mediation Right For Us?

Denisa says, ” I believe that whether you are a couple married for a short time with few assets, or you’ve been married a long time with or without children… divorce mediation services are likely a good fit. Some couples bring their own assets into the marriage, and need help tracing and unwinding them within the divorce. Others may involve high profile personalities with extremely complicated finances. No situation is too complicated for an experienced mediator”.

Denisa Tova, CFP, CDFA, a mediator and a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst has mediated over 2000. Over a nearly two decades she has been provided mediation services and divorce financial consulting and expertise.