Online Divorce Mediation

With Online Divorce Mediation, you can get divorced conveniently from your own space and at your own pace.  

In today’s fast-paced world, and in light of the current health crisis, meetings of all kinds are conducted online. Divorce mediation is no different. Our experienced mediator and divorce financial analyst, Denisa Tova, CFP, CDFA can schedule your divorce mediation sessions online. An online divorce mediation session is identical to an in-person mediation session in that the spouses and the mediator are “in the same room” throughout the process and the same rules and guidelines apply.

“Before the virus hit, some couples opted for online divorce mediation because of the scheduling flexibility. But now, all clients are requesting online mediation sessions to stay safe and practice social distancing.In addition to safety and convenience, online mediation sessions offer an uncontested, non-confrontational alternative to divorce court. Divorce mediation can help alleviate some of the anxiety and pain associated with divorce.

In the litigated model couples are forced to communicate through lawyers. They have to coordinate their schedules with those of the courts, their lawyers, and experts. Often couples have to locate and provide financial documents and deal with delays and mounting costs, slowing down progress and adding stress to an already stressful process.

Some traditional mediation models also require calendar coordination. Online mediation provides additional flexibility that these more traditional models cannot. Traditional, court-ordered mediation sessions often can take hours while online divorce mediation sessions are efficient and focus driven.

How Does Online Divorce Mediation Work? During your Free Initial Phone Consultation Denisa helps you determine, based on your circumstances, financial situation and parenting and personal dynamics if online divorce mediation is a good fit.

Denisa provides you with a list of financial documents and information for you to provide ahead of your virtual mediation. To save time, she analyzes your financials and creates an easy to understand inventory of your income, assets and debts.

Once your financials are prepared, we will confirm a time for your 60 to 90 minute online divorce mediation session that fits your schedule. Denisa will send an invitation to your online mediation session by email. During the online session, Denisa shares her computer screen. She models various asset and debts division options, and cash flow scenarios (including alimony and child support) to help you see how the divorce will impact you financially.

For example, it will help you both answer:

  • How to split assets and debts fairly?
  • How to deal with assets that were brought into the marriage?
  • How do trusts come into play?
  • How to equitably establish incomes if they fluctuate to set the right amount of alimony and child support?
  • Who can afford to keep the home and trade other assets.
  • Do you keep the home or the 401k?
  • How are your taxes affected when you trade assets?
  • How do you manage debt?
  • How do you decide how to deal with a business?
  • Stock options?
  • Pension?
  • Timeshare?
  • Vehicles?
  • Do you have a co-parenting plan where you “bird nest”?

Denisa raises issues that you may not have considered, and runs through “what if” scenarios to help you minimize conflict in the future. She helps you prioritize and devise a plan to start to untangle your finances. Denisa works with you on your post-divorce budgets and points out expenses that are commonly missed.

You negotiate at your own pace. Some couples complete the process in a session or two, taking a fraction of the time that the traditional, litigated process which can take months, or years.

How Much Does It Cost?

Denisa will provide you with a flat fee quote during your free phone consultation. There are never any misleading hourly fees or out-of-control retainers.

All Mediators are NOT the Same:
Denisa Tova, CDFA, CFP, MBA is a highly experienced Mediator who is also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Financial Planner, Forensic Financial Expert and Retirement Asset Valuation and QDRO Specialist. Mediator Denisa Tova, CDFA, CFP has Mediated Over 2000 Divorces.