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Divorce Mediation Services

(Online Divorce Mediation Services also available)

You and your spouse decided to part ways and want a respectful, fair, affordable process where YOU (not the courts!) CONTROL the outcome and the cost of your divorce or legal separation? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Mediation Will Save You Time

Hiring a Divorce Mediator is one of the best ways to save time. You cut out chasing financial statements, having multiple meetings with attorneys, experts, the courts, all of which can take months and sometimes even years. Not to mention that the process can easily turn into an adversarial and costly dragged out battle. Denisa Tova, a divorce mediator, has an efficient and respectful process in place that has helped hundreds of couples complete their mediation process in days/weeks rather than months. Additionally, we offer an online divorce mediation option that can reduce the time even more!

Mediation Will Save You Money

When you hire a lawyer, almost all divorce lawyers will ask for an advance on their fees (called a retainer) when you hire them. A typical retainer may run from $2,000 to $5,000. That is for each of you so that is not the final cost of your divorce! Once you deplete the retainer, they will ask for more. Depending on your case, you may be paying expert fees on top of that. The average cost of a litigated divorce is $30,000 per couple!

Mediators either charge hourly fees or a flat fee. I am a big fan of a flat fee because you will know right from the start how much your divorce will cost you in total. My flat fee model covers an initial review of your financial documents to make sure that you both feel that nothing has been missed, unlimited number of mediation sessions and drafting of your final agreements and a completion of your financial disclosures necessary for filing.

Financial Mediator can Help Get to a Fair Settlement. You will understand the financial impact of your divorce.

Having a Mediator with financial background is a Benefit! Divorce mediator, Denisa Tova, CDFA CFP, has a strong financial background and she is able to give divorcing couples financial information and guide them on how to divide up their finances in the most practical and equitable way. She explains how their divorce will impact them in the future. When I work with parents, we also consider future expenses of raising the children. I have helped a well over 2000 couples and I can help you!

Are Divorce Mediation Services Right For Us?

Schedule a FREE Phone Divorce Mediation Consultation with Denisa here. She will discuss your situation, explain her process, set priorities, discuss timelines and she will quote you a flat fee.

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Online Divorce Mediation Services Available

Many divorcing couples are choosing online mediation because it provides an uncontested, respectful, less expensive and faster alternative to divorce court. It helps alleviate stress and anxiety, while providing a safe place where couples can work out financial situations and discuss parenting schedules.

How Does Online Mediation Work?

From your own space, you each separately log on to enter your scheduled mediation session.  Divorce Mediator Denisa Tova, CFP, CDFA limits her sessions to 1.5 hrs, after which time they become counter-productive. She shares her screen and shows the different ways you can divide up your assets, debts and personal property. She switches between screens as you discuss division of assets, spousal support, child support, budgets, or even to pull up your financial statements.

Once your sessions are completed, Denisa will prepare and deliver via email the mediated financial and parenting agreements along with financial disclosure documentation – all ready for filing.  Once these are filed with the courts, you are done and can begin to heal.

What is the Next Step?

Schedule a FREE Online Consultation with Denisa here. Or Call 303-625-4071

 She will discuss your situation, explain her process, set priorities, discuss timelines and she will quote you a flat fee.


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