Divorce Expert Services (CDFA)

Divorce Expert Services (CDFA)


 If you fall in any of these categories, keep reading!!!

1) You own multiple assets (real estate, investments, pensions, business interest, pre-marital assets, etc.).

2) You own a business or multiple business interests.

3) You have an interest in an investment company.

4) Your have highly appreciated assets.

5) You are a dual-income family or you or your spouse is a home-maker.

6) You have fluctuating income or compensation from self-employment, stock options, restricted stock, bonuses, commissions, royalties, etc.

7) There is a great difference between you and your spouse’s income.

8) You or your spouse are an active or retired military. 

9) You are a government or city employee.

10) You have children.

11) You have children in private school and/or want to fund their college education.

12) You have children with special needs.

13) You have a family trust(s).

14) You have pre-marital assets.

15) You are a same sex couple.

16) You are divorcing late in life.

17) This is your repeated divorce.

18) You want to make sure you are getting your fair shake!


You need to work with an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who specializes and understands these circumstances to make sure you PROTECT YOUR NET WORTH, HAVE ENOUGH TO MAINTAIN YOUR LIFESTYLE AND GET A FAIR OUTCOME! 


Many experts, for example look at your tax return and take the bottom number as your income. HUGE MISTAKE THAT CAN COST YOU BIG!!!

I look beyond tax returns, at financial statements and other financials to help clients establish their "true" number, then work up various property division and cash flow options with the most advantageous financial and tax outcome. 



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